Why I thought I’d killed my baby

Sally Wilson: My postpartum psychosis.  Grateful for ECT. Nina McCallig: grateful for being sectioned.

I saw a midwife take Ella away, I believed they were taking her to be resuscitated because I’d harmed her.

I was convinced that because I’d hurt my baby I had died and was now living in the ‘after life’, a kind of hell.

The most terrifying nightmare imaginable was now my reality.

The nurses brought Ella to see me, to reassure me she was ok. I was convinced they’d swapped her.

This wasn’t my baby. My baby was dead. I had killed her.

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Psychosis is often truly terrifying for the sufferer. Hear Sally talking about it (audio clip, BBC)

Nina McCallig tells a similarly frightening story. In retrospect, she is grateful for being sectioned.

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