Sources of additional information, experiences of using Medical Humanities for patients or healthcare workers, lists of texts …

Core texts

Other places to look for excellent material

  • Hektoen International has a truly impressive range of articles right across the spectrum
  • Aeon is a digital magazine with a Health channel (and science, technology, psychology) channels
  • The NYU School of Medicine Litmed database is large and very impressive, but word-based, given that it covers all types of work, and leans toward the academic rather than effusive (about). It doesn’t show the things it’s talking about, but could generates scores to hundreds of ideas.
  • The Milan Collective (Newcastle not Italy) has a useful series of headings to populate – but not much (no?) content so far.

Using medical humanities for patients

Medical humanities for staff and students

Most UK medical schools have some in their curriculum, particularly in the early years. Examples (links to follow):

  • Aberdeen
  • Dundee
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • St Andrew’s

Academic departments

Here are some …

  • Durham
  • Glasgow


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