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Scottish medical schools

Supporting patients

  • Words Work Well – bibliotherapy toolkit and events to develop using humanities to support patients, from Words Work Well Scotland.

Resources further afield

Some universities have Medical Humanities departments but no medical school; and in some that do have medical schools there are only loose connections between the faculties. The main emphasis in many departments is on teaching of Humanities students, and on academic Humanities research, rather than supporting or enriching the lives of healthcare professionals.

UK resources

International resources

  • The NYU School of Medicine Litmed database is academic but lists a huge number practical resources – click on Resources for more interesting exploring. NYU Humanities Home.
  • Arsmedica is a blog run by Paul O’Connor, who teaches medical humanities at Trinity College Medical School, Dublin. Its concise comments and reviews are somewhat similar way to this site, and there are a lot of them. But all literature, and fewer quotes, images and further info.