The shock of the machine


Thom Green is drummer for Alt-J – and has kidney failure and a transplant, and deafness, all caused by the inherited condition Alport Syndrome, which came on in his teens.

In short videos he talks about the shock of dialysis, how different living with a transplant is, and about his (deceased) kidney donor. There’s a bit about accommodating to such a devastating sudden diagnosis so young, too. The video above is segment 3 in which he talks about how low he reached on dialysis. In segment 4 he talks about the transformation brought about by his kidney transplant, and of his donor, who died of asthma. Video 1 has music and he talks about diagnosis and deafness; in 2 he talks about deafness. They were filmed backstage at Madison Square Garden.

Every patient who has experienced dialysis and transplantation has an affecting story to tell.

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