The last 1000 days

The last 1000 days, Molly Case


As we slowly make the shift to practise realistic medicine, where “patients are at the centre of decision making”, it’s more important now to understand what’s truly important to those who are at the receiving end of medical care.

The poem The last 1000 days is written in a language that speaks to both patients and healthcare professionals, in different ways. Written from the perspective of a fictional elderly patient, Molly Case beautifully expresses the internal musings of a hospital bound patient, what’s important to her, how valuable the last 1000 days become and how she wishes to spend them.

The video was filmed based on the poem The last 1000 days written by Molly Case- a nurse, writer and spoken word artist. Molly “hopes to get poetry into more hospitals by setting up a team of volunteer poets to provide bedside workshops bringing the immediacy of poetic creativity to those who may not have thought about writing before” (from Molly Case’s bio).

More info

  • Molly Case – Her official website including her bio
  • The last 1000 days – Her poem in words
  • Nursing the Nation, another poem written by Molly Case performed at RCN congress
  • TODAY, a model for change based on a similar title with a similar concept that patient’s time is the most valuable currency
  • Realistic medicine – Goes hand-in-hand with the poem’s message to its readers

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