Breastfeeding aah – oh

‘Where is it OK?’ conundrums. Posy Simmonds.


Posy Simmonds captures and punctures society’s often hypocritical attitudes as sharply as ever. Since she composed this in 1984, laws and attitudes have improved – but statistics are still disappointing.

Further info

  • Reproduced by kind permission of the artist Posy Simmonds
  • Breastfeeding resources
    • Guide (Feedgood, Scottish Govt)
    • Further info (NHS Choices)
    • Law: if someone prevents you from feeding a child under 2 they are committing a criminal offence (Scotland; Citizen’s Advice)
  • Rates in Scotland are low (BBC) and not rising
  • Whereas in other parts of the world, breastfeeding in public is totally usual. 

Chichera Fire Queens girls football team at half time (Harare, Zimbabwe; source)

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Robin Downie


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